The Ultimate Celebs In Their Bras And Panties Compilation Video

The video above is the ultimate compilation of celebrity harlots in their bras and panties from various movies and TV shows.

Of course the fact that these brazen celebrity floozies prance around on-screen with only tiny pieces of cloth covering their sinful sex organs is also the ultimate insult to Islam. For the Qur’an is very clear that the only underwear that is halal for women to wear is a thick wool under-burka… Which is really indistinguishable from a normal burka except for the hole cut into the back of it for ladies to relieve their bowels and take anal poundings.

Yes once again Zionist Hollywood has used their army of degenerate hussies to commit blasphemy against the word of the blessed Prophet. Fortunately we can take solace in the news that the great Muslim country of Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and will be able to blast these Satanic skivvies loving skanks down into the eternal hellfire were they belong.