Sarah Michelle Gellar Caught Having Sex In The Woods

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Many who have wondered what former “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” star and 90’s sex symbol Sarah Michelle Gellar has been up to in recent years can wonder no more, as she was caught having sex in the woods in the GIF above.

Yes as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s career in heathen Hollywood has fizzled out she has clearly taken to performing Satanic pagan sex rituals in the forest like the one in this GIF.

Unfortunately it is the innocent woodland creatures who must now suffer from seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar’s wanton displays of depravity. One can easily imagine an adorable little chipmunk crying itself to sleep at night after having witnessed Sarah Michelle Gellar riding this guy raw underneath its home in a willow tree. I think the animals would agree that it is better that every forest gets burnt to the ground, then to allow Sarah Michelle Gellar to continue using them as the setting for her degenerate sexcapades.