Scarlett Johansson In A Classy Black & White Sex Tape

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Scarlett Johansson stars in what is being called the “classiest” celebrity sex tape ever in the video below.

For some reason any form of smut that features classical music and is filmed in black and white is considered “art” in the Western world. Of course Scarlett Johansson isn’t fooling us righteous Muslims with this sex tape, as our keen minds are tuned to recognize pornographic depravity in any form.

As you can see this Scarlett Johansson sex tape video is clearly geared towards Western feminists, for not only is there a bunch of romantic kissing in front of a fireplace, but the man’s (if you can call him that) penis is incredibly small and just sloppily mashes against Scarlett’s meaty lips without really penetrating her.

If this sex tape were made for what our pious Musliminas like, rest assured that this man would be hung like an elephant, and Scarlett Johansson’s face would be mashed into the bed as he roughly takes her from behind… and it would be in color!