Scarlett Johansson Naked For Slave Auction

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It appears as though Scarlett Johnasson is up for sale as she stands naked on a slave auction block in the photo above.

Of course the cost of sex slaves has hit rock bottom in recent years due to the glut of whores coming out of the West. With Scarlett Johansson’s disturbing lack of body hair and extremely questionable vaginal elasticity, she may not find any Muslim buyers no matter what the price.

Many Muslims like myself are so flush with concubines (of much higher quality than Scarlett Johansson) that we are running out of places to store them. In fact my whore pen has overflowed into were I keep my goats, causing me all sorts of agitations as the goats are understandably not to pleased to be sharing space with such lowly creatures as women.

Yes after seeing Scarlett Johansson naked in this picture it is clear that she is certainly not worth further upsetting my goats over.