Selena Gomez Dancing In A Bra While On Drugs

Selena Gomez thrashes her body around in a sports bra while (probably) tripping on drugs in the disturbing video above.

I don’t know if Selena Gomez sniffed too many cleaning products during her day job scrubbing toilets for rich “gringos” or if she is taking some fine Afghanistan grown opium, but she must be high in this video for no sober person can be this spastic and slutty at the same time.

Yes it is clear from the bra dancing video above that Selena Gomez has a problem, and not just her usual problem of her period being late. Yes unfortunately for Selena this problem can not be fixed with a wire hanger, as it is called addiction. The first step to overcoming addiction is for Selena to accept Allah into her heart. The next step is for her to wear the martyr vest into a synagogue. Let us hope Selena gets help soon!