Selena Gomez Is Going To Show Her Boobs To Save Her Career

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Selena Gomez just posted the photo above showing her deep cleavage to her Instagram account.

Clearly it is just a matter of time now before Selena Gomez completely exposes her boobs to stay relevant, for she has been hinting that she is going to head down that path more and more recently by going around braless (with her hard nipples on full display) and wearing ever more low cut tops (as in the photo above). And really Selena has no choice but to show her tits because she has absolutely no discernible musical or acting talent, and she will otherwise soon fade away into obscurity.

In fact, if you think about it the only reason Selena is still in the public eye is because she use to finger bang Justin Bieber, and occasionally she still shucks Taylor Swift’s oyster. Otherwise Selena would have gone away a long time ago, and would probably be back in her hometown of Tijuana, Mexico right now blowing Pablo the donkey for 20 pesos and all the cheap tequila she can drink.