Selena Gomez Just Standing Around Naked

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Selena Gomez stands around naked in an effort to convince Americans not to vote for Donald Trump in the photo above.

If Selena Gomez thinks that by exposing her sinful anchor baby sex organs, she can convince the voting populace to reject Trump she is sorely mistaken. For despite the American kuffar masses being hopeless degenerates, even they can see the wisdom in keeping diseased ridden donkey whores like Selena from pouring over the border and polluting the air by venting their stinking cock tacos like this.

Yes it is clear from this nude photo that there is certainly no benefit to the people living in the United States for trash from Mexico like Selena Gomez to be allowed to come to their land unchecked and un-deloused. The only party that benefits from this infestation are the globalist Zionist owned banks and corporations that are hellbent on enslaving humanity, and will stop at nothing to convince the gentile masses that it is their moral obligation to sacrifice their heritage and country so that the bloodsucking elites can have cheap labor and unfettered access to a one world market.