Selena Gomez No Bra Pics Perfectly X-Rayed

selena-gomez, celeb-jihad

After many months of tireless work, scientists at the “Celeb Jihad Institute Of Hollywood Harlots And Nuclear Science” (or CJIOHHANS) in Tehran have released two perfectly X-rayed photos of Selena Gomez’s breasts.

As you may recall, last year Selena famously walked the streets of LA in a black sheer top with no bra on. As soon as those famous pictures hit the Web Muslim scientists at CJIOHHANS began the arduous work of fully extracting the sight of Selena’s shameful breast meat, so that it could be properly condemned.

selena-gomez, celeb-jihad

Using state of the art light filter manipulation, Islam’s best and brightest minds were able to produce the two photos above in which Selena’s boobs are clearly visible. What a glorious and momentous victory this is for Islam, for now no celebrity skank is safe from having her sinful sex organs exposed to the world and then righteously denounced.

With brilliant Muslim minds like these creating such advanced technology it is clearly only a matter of time before nuclear bombs are being launched towards Israel from the backs of our Toyota trucks. Allah be praised!