Selena Gomez Quits Show Biz To Become A Welder

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Good news! Selena Gomez has decided to quit exploiting children to push consumer products and low grade Disney entertainment. Selena has come to the realization that “entertainers” are nothing but parasites on society put in place to appeal to the mass’s base desires, and use their influence to sell products people neither need or in most cases can afford.

To start her new life as a productive member of society Selena Gomez has decided to learn the trade of welding. Coming from a family of day laborers this seems like a good fit for Selena. Also lets face it sh*t needs to get welded.

Kudos to Selena Gomez for no longer being a leech trained by Zionists to suck the life out of humanity, but lets be honest the girl can not act and her “music” sounds like cats f*cking in a burlap sack she will not be missed.