Wet Selena Gomez Spread Naked In A Chair

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After a long day of picking lettuce under the blazing summer sun, not only is Selena Gomez’s back wet, but the rest of her is body is covered in sweat as well in the nude photo above.

I don’t care how hot it is out, there is absolutely no excuse for Selena Gomez to be airing out her overheated lady chalupa like this. Musliminas work out in the fields under much more intense desert heat in full body black wool burkas and they don’t complain (sure a couple of the more feeble ones drop dead every now and then, but they certainly don’t complain).

In fact, on a particularly brutal summer day last year I personally had to stone one of my women just for lifting her veil to wipe her brow. Needless to say the execution of her lapidation was exhausting and I needed a full day of constant fanning with palms while being fed chilled dates to recover. So one can imagine what us Muslims would do to a shiftless Mexican whore like Selena Gomez for sitting around naked like this in this pic.