Photo Of A 16-Year-Old Taylor Swift Pulling Down Her Pants Leaked

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This controversial never-before-seen photo of a 16-year-old Taylor Swift pulling down her pants while clearly not wearing any panties has just been leaked online.

This picture no doubt comes from Taylor Swift’s early days of auditioning for record producers in Nashville. Taylor’s Mom would drive her daughter from studio to studio, and leave her there unsupervised for hours on end so that Taylor could impress the men with her “talent”.

Even though this photo of a 16-year-old Taylor Swift proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has always been a depraved slut, I must admit that this is certainly the hottest picture she has ever taken. It is just a shame that Taylor wasted her prime breeding years trying to make music, when instead she could have been howling like a alley cat (a far more pleasing sound then her singing) while being passed from tent to tent in service of us virile Muslim men.