Taylor Swift Bent Over Naked

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Taylor Swift appears to have gotten completely naked and climbed on a table in the extremely inappropriate photo above.

It is things like this that keep Taylor Swift from being invited to many dinner parties. Just imagine you are walking out of your kitchen with a killer seven-layer dip, only you find that there is no place to put it because Taylor is naked bent over on the dinner table and your guests are dipping crackers in her various orifices.

Needless to say your dinner party is ruined, and all those hours you spent making that delicious seafood paella have gone for naught. Even if your guests survive the severe bouts of food poisoning and mouth gonorrhea they’ll no doubt have contracted, they will certainly lose their appetites when Taylor begins queefing out her guesses while playing charades.

Yes Taylor Swift bent over naked with her ass in the air in this photo is the literal personification of the term “sourpuss party pooper”.