Taylor Swift Topless Cell Phone Pic Leaked

taylor-swift, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

The above picture of what appears to be country music star Taylor Swift topless has just been leaked to the Internet. Compare it to the one below of Taylor taken just a few months ago at the “People’s Choice Awards” and judge for yourself.

taylor-swift, nude-celebs, celeb-jihad

Of course we have been down this road with Taylor Swift before when she threatened to sue this holy Islamic celebrity gossip site for posting this alleged topless photo.

If Taylor Swift was not so blatantly promiscuous with her overtly sexual song lyrics and revealing clothing, we would not suspect her of taking this topless picture to get attention. However, as it stands Taylor still sings about spending time with boys sans a male relative chaperone, and is constantly flaunting her uncovered arms and bare knees in slutty outfits.

With all this evidence piling up against her what is a reasonable Muslim man to think, but that this is a topless photo of Taylor Swift and that she must be punished swiftly and severely in Sharia court for her crimes against morality.