Taylor Swift Topless Outtake From Glamour Photo Shoot Leaked

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A topless outtake from Taylor Swift’s recent photo shoot for the new issue of Glamour magazine has just been leaked online.

As you can see in the photo above, much like her music Taylor Swift’s boobs are not at all remarkable and a little bit wonky. Of course Taylor probably thinks she is being all cool by just casually laying around with her titties hanging out like this, but what she fails to realize is that she has now drawn the righteous wrath of Islam.

Yes rest assured that many strongly worded fatwas are being drafted as we speak, denouncing Taylor Swift for this shameful topless display. In fact I don’t know which is going to be worse, the tongue lashing Taylor is going to receive from clerics from Tikrit to Tehran today during evening prayer, or the tongue lashing her boobies are going to get after being sentenced in Sharia court for this brazen topless crime against morality.