Victoria Justice Taking Her Top Off

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Victoria Justice takes her top off, only to reveal that she is wearing yet another top in this GIF from her new MTV show “Eye Candy”.

Even after her topless photos leaked during “The Fappening”, Victoria Justice still pretends that she is a “good girl” who is far too chaste and moral to expose her baby feeders on camera. Clearly Victoria is extremely delusional if she thinks anyone is still buying her sweet little angel act, as she has been exposed as a vile whore who is in desperate need of a good hard lapidation.

If Victoria continues to carry on with this charade of virtue her hypocrisy will only anger us Muslims further, and it will make our righteous wrath exponentially more ferocious. So the next time Victoria Justice takes off her top on camera we better see some tit meat popping out, or one day she may find herself on tape in an orange jumpsuit kneeling in front of a mujahideen who will literally take her top off for good with his scimitar.